Lyrics: Except for Monday

We mainly use English music at our weekly meetings, but I think that some of the songs are difficult for non-native English speakers to understand. At our meeting tonight (March 1), one of the members said that it was hard to understand the lyrics for the song “Except for Monday”. I will try to explain them in easier English.

Except For Monday by Morgan Lorrie

Summary: This song is about a woman who has broken up with her boyfriend/husband. I think that the man left her. In the song, she saying that he might think that she is still upset that he left, but that is not true. She is fine now EXCEPT FOR on Mondays — because Mondays are hard anyway (because you have to go back to work after a fun weekend).

Verse 1
You look surprised
You didn’t think you’d see me
Kicking up my heels
Painting up this town
When you said goodbye
Learned a couple new dances
Cast a couple of glances
I’m on a big roll now…

==> The scenario could be that the woman and the man are meeting unexpectedly at a bar after they broke up with each other. The man broke up with the woman, so he might expect her to be sad and upset, but she is saying that after they broke up, she started having fun. She learned some new dances (maybe line dances) and she started flirting with men (this is what she means by “cast a couple of glances”) and she has recovered from breaking up with the man. When she says “I’m on a big roll now” it means she is feeling quite lucky and she is heading towards being completely recovered (and maybe she already has a new boyfriend).

Except for Monday which was never good anyway
Tuesday I get a little sideways
Wednesday I feel better just for spite
Thursday and Friday take too long
Before I knew it,Saturday’s gone
But it’s Sunday now you can bet that I’m alright

==> So, she feels much better now BUT she doesn’t really feel that great on Mondays; however, that is mainly because nobody likes Mondays (the weekend is over and you have to go back to work). I am not sure what “I get a little sideways” means. Maybe it means she starts to feel better. On Wednesday, though, she makes an active decision to feel better because if she feels better then maybe it will hurt the man (because it means that she was able to get over him quickly). Thursday and Friday take a long time to pass because she is waiting for the weekend to come (so she can have fun). Saturday finally comes and she finally gets to have fun, but it is over so quickly. She feels much better on Sundays because she has just had a great weekend.

Verse 2
Don’t get me wrong
It wasn’t always this easy
Getting over you
Got a little rough on me
But it didn’t take too long
Before I got it together
And everyday I thank my lucky stars that you set me free

==> At first, she was very upset that he left. It wasn’t easy to get over him. But after a short while, she was able to move on and forget about him. Once she did that, she looked back at the relationship and realized that she was lucky that he broke up with her because now she has her freedom. She is better off without him.


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