Explanation: If I Could Bottle This Up

One of our cuers played the song If I Could Bottle This Up by George Jones & Shelby Lynn for a round dance a couple of weeks ago.

When I first heard the title of the song, I wasn’t really sure what the meaning was. “Bottle this up” has (at least) two meanings. If you bottle something up inside you, it means that you keep it to yourself and don’t tell anyone. But the nuance of this meaning is not positive. If you bottle things up inside you, it is likely to make you unhappy. You should share your problems with your friends — not bottle them up inside you — so you can find solutions.

The second meaning is more literal: to put something in a bottle. This is the meaning that is used in this song. The song is about the idea that the two singers (this is a duet) love each other so much that they want to put their love for each other in a bottle and try to sell it. If they could do that, they could make a million dollars, because everyone would want to buy a bottle of such pure love. If you bought some of their bottled-up love and drank it, it would “put a smile on your face” and put “a song in your heart after one little taste”. Everybody would buy this bottle of love and the singers would become millionaires.