Online Square Dance Lessons

Saddlebrooke Squares Square Dancing Club of Tucson, Arizona provides free access to their videos of Mainstream and Plus lessons. Watching the videos is a good way to prepare for a lesson or to review the lesson after you get home from your class.

Plus is quite complicated and it involves (1) stringing a lot of Basic and Mainstream steps together and (2) remembering where you are in the formation at any given time. Before I started learning Plus, one of the members of my club advised me to study the steps before I come to class. He said that while you can learn the Mainstream steps fairly easily by attending the classes and reviewing the steps often in class, you will be able to learn how to dance the Plus steps a lot better if you do some preparation at home before you come to the class. I have found this to be very valuable advice. I have been watching the above videos and reading “The Illustrated Plus Movements of Square Dancing” before my Plus lessons and I find that it is helping me to remember the moves. I am still having trouble with “Follow Your Neighbour” and “Spin Chain the Gears”, but hopefully practice (and watching the above videos) will make perfect!