Application Fee

2000 yen (one-time)

Membership Fees

Six month membership (January to June, July to December): 5000 yen
Annual membership (January to December): 9000 yen

Six month memberships should be paid in January and July. Annual memberships should be paid in January. Fees can be paid directly to the club accountant, or can be sent by bank transfer (furikomi, 振込) to the club’s bank account.

Joining at Other Times
If you join in or after April, you can pay 1000 yen per month.

Guests can pay 200 yen to join a single class.

In principle, membership fees are not refunded. However, if you have been transferred or will be leaving Tsukuba, you may request a refund of your fees which can be granted at the discretion of the Steering Committee.


There are fees associated with some of our special events. Please see the event announcements for details.


Beginner’s classes are held from April to July every year. The fees below cover the cost for the four months of lessons.

3,000 yen for one person