The following is a list of steps that you will learn during the Beginners’ Class. The 52 steps contained here are known as “Basic”. After you master these, you can move on to Mainstream and Plus.

1. Dancer Naming
a. Partner/Corner
b. Heads/Sides
c. Couple#1,#2,#3,#4
d. Boys/Girls
e. Centers/Ends

2. Circle Left/Circle Right

3. Forward & Back

4. Do Sa Do/Dosado to a Wave

5. Swing

6. Promenade/Single File Promenade
a. Couples(Full,1/2,3/4)
b. Single File Promenade
c. Star Promenade

7. Allemande Left

8. Arm Turns
a. Left Arm Turn
b. Right Arm Turn

9. Right and Left Grand Family
a. Right & Left Grand
b. Weave the Ring
c. Wrong Way Grand

10. Left-Hand Star/Right-Hand Star

11. Pass Thru

12. Split Two

13. Half Sashay Family
a. Half Sashay
b. Rollaway
c. Ladies In, Men Sashay

14. Turn Back Family
a. U-Turn Back
b. Back Truck

15. Separate Around 1 or 2
a. to a Line
b. and come into the middle

16. Courtesy Turn

17. Ladies Chain Family
a. Two Ladies Chain(Reg. and 3/4)
b. Four Ladies Chain(Reg. and 3/4)
c. Chain Down the Line

18. Do Pa So

19. Lead Right

20. Right And Left Thru

21. Grand Square

22. Star Thru

23. Circle to a Line

24. Bend the Line

25. All Around The Corner

26. See Saw

27. Square Thru(1,2,3,4)/Left Square thru (1,2,3,4)

28. California Twirl

29. Dive Thru

30. Wheel Around

31. Thar Family
a. Allemand Thar
b. Allemande Left to an Allemand Thar
c. Wrong Way Thar

32. Shoot the Star/Shoot the Star Full Around

33. Slip the Clutch

34. Box the Gnat

35. Ocean Wave Family
a. Step To A Wave
b. Balance

36. Alamo Ring Formation
a. Allemand Left in the Alamo Style
b. Balance

37. Pass The Ocean

38. Extend (from 1/4 tag only)

39. Swing Thru/Left Swing Thru

40. Run/Cross Run

41. Trade Family
a. (named dancers)Trade
b. Couples Trade
c. Partner Trade

42. Wheel And Deal

43. Double Pass Thru

44. First Couples Go Left/Right, Next Couples Go Left/Right

45. Zoom

46. Flutter Wheel/Reverse Flutter Wheel

47. Sweep a Quarter

48. Veer Left/Veer Right

49. Trade By

50. Touch 1/4

51. Circulate Family
a. (named dancer)Circulate
b. All 8 Circulate
c. Couple Circulate
d. Single File Circulate
e. Split/Box Circulate

52. Ferris Wheel