Once you have mastered the 52 steps at the “Basic” level, you can move on to Mainstream. And once you can do all of the following steps, you can move on to “Plus”.

53. Cloverleaf

54. Turn Thru

55. Eight Chain Thru/Eight Chain 1,2,3,etc

56. Pass to the Center

57. Spin the Top

58. Centers In

59. Cast Off Three Quarters

60. Walk & Dodge

61. Slide Thru

62. Fold/Cross Fold

63. Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave

64. Spin Chain Thru

65. Tag the Line (In/Out/Left/Right)

66. Half Tag

67. Scoot Back

68. Single Hinge/Couples Hinge

69. Recycle(from a wave only)